Art changes the world.

A journey into Yellowstone Valley required days of arduous travel via rail stagecoach and mule train in the 1870s.  Moved by images like this one by Jackson, the government designated the area a national park in 1872.

Today is the 98th Birthday of the National Parks Service.

Old Faithful, 1870, William Henry Jackson. J. Paul Getty Museum.

Art really does save the world!!!!!


Egeus: This man hath bewitch’d the bosom of my child.

William Heath Robinson, from A midsummer-night’s dream, by William Shakespeare, New York, 1914.


First day of grad school is in the books. Aside from none of the undergrads knowing their Art History, it went really well.


The desolate wilderness and tranquility are the main characteristics of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve. It is 47.000 hectares and is over 500 meters above see level.

The Fjallabak region takes its name from the numerous wild and rugged mountains with deeply incised valleys, which are found there. The area is mostly undisturbed and the protection order has meant that utilisation of the land has been sensible and the conduct of it fairly good.

There are no real roads, only old trails and you have to cross a small river from time to time but there are many opportunities for short and long hikes across this vast area


Daniel Dezeuze, “Triangulation Blue” (1975), wood strips 56 x 43 inches (via A Supports/Surfaces Moment: Contradictions, Paradoxes and Other Ironies)

(via anders-wo)

Any fellow printmakers have any tips on where to find some good quality linoleum?